Our Services

KDKE Education Solutions, LLC

Changing Lives One Mind at a Time


Agencies & Organizations

Collaborate with agencies and organizations to support and create activities and programming that strengthens and improves the community through education.

Business Services

Work with businesses to address diversity, job training, and workforce development.

Education Services

Provide professional development and training for teachers, school leaders, and practitioners. Consult and inform leadership concerning enrollment and retention.

Family Services

Provide educational consultation and assistance to families and students to best strategies a course of action for GED, college entry & reentry, transfers, and course credit recovery.

KDKE's Holistic Approach

KDKE’s services support a holistic functioning society.

Our work with parents and students contributes to student academic success and increases the likelihood that they will become productive citizens in the community. Our work with education institutions increases student enrollment and retention to produce a well-educated workforce of tomorrow. Our work with businesses addresses organizational development for the establishment of a healthy work environment, home life, and community. Our work with agencies and organizations enriches the lives of families for a more prosperous future generation of youth and adult learners.