Youth Development

Motivating and Inspiring Young Adults

To Go Above and Beyond

KDKE’s seminars & workshops are unique to the youth population in the way that they talk and interact with each other. KDKE covers a wide range of topics to ensure that no youth or young adult is left out. Samples of topics include:

Educational Goals

Career Goals



Life Skills

Test Anxiety

…and much more!

Character Matters!

Just Get Some!

(Recommended For Jr. and Sr. High)

In dramatic fashion and using the performing arts, Dr. Hughes examines the Six Pillars of Character-Trustworthiness, Respect, Responsibility, Fairness, Caring and Citizenship. Appealing to the social concerns of today’s students, Dr. Hughes takes a comedic yet sensitive approach to help students understand the importance of each pillar.

This presentation can be integrated into small and large settings and used as a motivational tool for building self-esteem, deterring school violence, team building and leadership, and improving student readiness and learning. The possibilities are endless.

(Can be modified for elementary and junior high school)




You're Not Done Yet

No Time to Quit

(Recommended for High School Seniors)

Dr. Hughes motivates students into believing that consistency is the key in the face of adversity and that one must believe in something or fall for anything. The number 8 is the symbol for new beginnings.

Do not be afraid to begin again in the midst of failure.

This motivational talk promotes youth inspiration and helps young people to overcome the pressures and the need to conform. Students are encouraged to dream big, work hard, and give back. Each youth will realize their capacity to create or improve. Students are encouraged to seize the moment.

(Can be modified for lower grades)

Paparazzi Trends and Fashion

The Real Message of Today’s Pop Culture

(For Junior & Senior High)

Music, television, magazines, movies, fast foods, technology, and consumer goods have become the number one vehicles in which young people absorb the popular culture. Not understanding the behind the scenes, young people are lured into believing that success is overnight and quick fixes work.

Dr. Hughes uses the glitz and glamour of today’s pop culture to help teens understand the alluring nature, effects, and consequences of mimicking celebrities, athletes, and pop stars without understanding the differences between reality and fantasy.

This presentation examines the pop culture music, language, fashion, and entertainment icons to explore the positives and negatives associated with such a powerful industry. The goal of the presentation is to help teens decipher the real messages of pop culture and to think critically about the choices they make and the inherent consequences that follow.

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