Keynote Topics

Dr. Candace Hughes

Capturing the Essence

Dr. Candace Hughes is an 18+year veteran of educational management in secondary education and higher education. She has accumulated a significant amount of experience in teaching, student development, and leadership. It has been her mission, as an educator, to ensure the strength and integrity of student achievement and educational service to the community. Dr. Hughes has a Doctor of Educational Leadership, a Master of Educational Leadership, and a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Through her keynote addresses, Dr. Candace Hughes offers direction, purpose, and meaning. Her message seeks to inspire and unify in the areas of education, business, and social economics. In addition, Dr. Hughes also provides keynote addresses in the following area:




The Shaping of Minds

The Most Important Job In the World

(50 – 90 minutes)

This strengthening presentation highlights and celebrates the power to shape minds. The message conveys the important work of educators and their responsibility as stewards of mankind.

Through poignant stories and hilarious characterizations, Dr. Hughes boosts morale, inspires staff, and strategically uses entertainment and heartfelt testimonies of students, parents and the community to motivate staff. Audience members laugh and cry as they are reminded of the value of each and every child in the classroom.




Go Pick Your Switch

Tough Love in Education

(50 – 90 minutes)

Using humor, sensitivity, and her ethnic experience of discipline in her family, Dr. Hughes carefully crafts the perspective of the history of discipline in education and its relationship to the inherent outcome of student behavior in the 21st century.

Through characterizations and poignant stories, audience members are intrigued, entertained, and reminded of the value of tough love in education.

The Service of Leadership

Lessons Outside the Classroom

(50-90 minutes)

This presentation is geared toward district officials, chancellors, superintendents, principals, governing boards of institutions, businesses, and community organizations.

Dr. Hughes uses the biblical principle of Luke 22:27 to carefully construct the importance of servant leadership, vision, and connectivity in education. She utilizes spiritual principles, humor, and sensitivity to emphasize the importance of the inherent stewardship over constituents, staff, members, the organization, and institutions.

(Modification for teachers, counselors, bus drivers, school secretaries, librarians or other educational support personnel is available)

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