Seminars & Workshops

KDKE offers a wide variety of seminars and workshops to address educators, business owners, Corporate America, and community organization. Content covers subjects such as:

Business: Diversity, Stress Management, Soft Skills, Career Management, Management 101,  Communication, Organizational Development and more!

Education:  Classroom Management, Leadership, Professional Development, New Teachers,  Student Engagement, Instructional Technology, Parental Involvement and more.




KDKE provides an array of free and paid seminars, workshops activities to motivate and inspire our nation’s youth to a higher level of thinking. Seminars and workshops include but are not limited to:



Teen Summits,



 Leadership Retreats

….and more!!


KDKE’s seminars & workshops are unique to the youth population in the way that they talk and interact with each other. KDKE covers a wide range of topics to ensure that no youth or young adult is left out.  Samples of topics include:




                                                                                                   Educational Goals                     Career Goals

                                                                                                    Entrepreneurship                     Leadership

                                                                                                    Life- Skills                                    Test Anxiety

                                                                                                    Diversity                                        Critical Thinking

                                                                                                    Bullying                                          De-escalation of Violence


                                                                                                                            and much more!!



You Will Love Our Seminars and Workshops

Through humor, role-playing, interactive discussions, and anecdotes, our workshops and seminars offer practical tips, guidelines, proven techniques, take-aways, and clear solutions that are available for immediate use and implementation. You will learn, laugh, have fun and find who you are in the midst of it all.

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