Charter School & Home School

Charter School Programming

In recent years, charter schools have grown in popularity. Parents are finding unique benefits at charter schools and charter schools are making great strides to provide diverse programming to keep students engaged and academically sound.

KDKE assists charters schools in providing additional programming to accommodate their diverse population. KDKE develops programming that is unique to the school culture and climate. KDKE services offer a more inclusive and value-added service that mutually beneficial for students & parents and is cost-effective for schools. KDKE can customize your school’s programming through the efforts of:

Grant Writing

Parental Support

Program Development

Student Involvement

Teacher Training

…and more!


Homeschool Programming

Parents who are choosing to homeschool their children are making tremendous sacrifices to do so. Homeschooling is a major life-changing and altering decision for parents; however, it is a decision that pays dividends in the lives of children.

KDKE fully supports families that choose to homeschool their children. KDKE has developed an exclusive line of programming to assist parents and homeschool organizations in giving homeschooled children a full and holistic student experience within the homeschool culture. KDKE has customized intellectual and physical activities to accommodate all ages and preferred genres.

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