After School & Summer School Services

KDKE’s after-school and summer programming places emphasis on holistic learning.

Studies show that after-school and summer programming that take a holistic and life-oriented teaching approach have more positive outcomes for students academically, emotionally, intellectually, and socially than programs with just a specific focus.

KDKEdesigns programs that foster communication, leadership, problem-solving skills and expose students to real-world applications and experiences. KDKE’sprograms build self-esteem, confidence, wisdom, and understanding and offer the opportunity to practice, apply and perfect what is learned in context to life experiences. KDKE keeps kids busy, engaged, learning and growing in every aspect of their lives.

KDKE can assist your institution or organization in developing and implementing a fabulous after-school or summer program or you can choose from one of our signature programs:

Dance On

(Recommended for K8)

Former First Lady, Michelle Obama instituted a healthy fitness campaign to help combat obesity plaguing our nation’s youth. Childhood obesity has more than doubled and according to the Let’s Move website, research shows that “The numbers are even higher in African American and Hispanic communities, where nearly 40% of the children are overweight or obese.”

“Dance On” was created as a holistic and multi-dimensional dance program to engages students through creative movement, exercise, dance routine, choreography, and basic life skills activities. Schools can pick from a medley of strategically designed themed activities that are heart pumping, blood circulating, and high energy. These activities are fun, life-changing, and full of laughter for all students across America!



(Recommended for 6th, 7th and 8th Graders)

Taste of the Arts After-School and Summer program are visual, literary and performing Arts-based programs that employ basic and full life-skill activities.  This multi-dimensional, multi-functional, and multi-purpose program is pack full of opportunities to provide academic, emotional, intellectual, and social support to students at so many levels. Through written grants and solicited sponsorship, this program can be offered to inner-city students, at-risk youth and students with varying disabilities. This arts-based program is made for all students. KDKE offers programming in:


Arts and Crafts

Domestic Activities

Field Trips






…and more!


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