Additional Services

Service to Education

One Child at a Time

Additional Services

After School & Summer School

KDKE designs programs that foster communication, leadership, problem-solving skills and expose students to real-world applications and experiences.

Charter School & Home School

In addition to public schools, KDKE fully supports charter and homeschool programming. KDKE develops programs to accommodate the uniqueness and diversity of the culture and climate within any learning environment.

Seminars & Workshops

KDKE offers a wide variety of seminars and workshops for educators, business owners, and community organizations. KDKE provides an array of free and paid seminars & workshops to motivate and inspire our nation's youth to a higher level of thinking.

Research & Service

Advancing Research & Giving Back to the Community

KDKE pursues projects, initiatives, and activities for research to inform educational institutions, businesses and community organizations of best practices, solutions, and trends for education and societal improvements.

Key collaborative efforts:

  • KDKE collaborates with key leadership, institutions, and organizations supporting education initiatives that address the need for sound educational reform.
  • KDKE collaborates with individuals, business, and faith-based organizations to research and write grants for educational programs, social services, and conference.
  • KDKE collaborates with faith-based organizations to offer pro bono services in educational matters to families, small Title 1 school, or other small minority community groups that have identified and expressed a need for such assistance.

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