About KDKE

KDKE (k duh kee) or (k d∧ ki:)

KDKE was founded on the premises that the building of economic stability and economic prosperity reduces poverty and improves the quality of life. The root of stability and prosperity is God and the building blocks begin with education.

KDKE Education Solutions, LLC was created to address the mounting ineffective reforms plaguing the education system and to inform businesses and organizations of market trends and best practices for the improvement of a diverse society and workforce.

Established by Dr. Candace Hughes, KDKE and partners have years of experience in secondary education, higher education and the business sector. KDKE offers researched-based interventions and strategies to support student achievement, college readiness, and career enhancement.

KDKE works with educational institutions, agencies, community organizations and businesses to provide professional development, programming, training, and support. KDKE also works with parents and students to navigate the intricate process of applying for college.